And exhale

Finally, a moment to come up for air. Film production is all-consuming and takes over your life like few other things. But this is just a brief respite, as I have my five classmates' shoots occupying my next five long weekends.

120 Hz TVs, the next step in TV quality after 1080p.

Scientific American investigates the hype around online dating.

NBA experimenting with 3D high-definition imaging. The cameras are the same ones James Cameron has used for some of his 3D IMAX pics. Maybe we're not too far off from the day when we can be like Jeremy Piven in that commercial for the All-Star game, where he freezes Vince Carter mid-air as he prepares to dunk and steps into the picture. You, too, can see Vince Carter's crotch as it soars over your head, all in breathtaking 3-D.

Speaking of high def, most people are down on high definition DVDs because of the HD DVD and Blu-ray format war. Unlike Betamax or VHS, though, I think this one is solvable, either through dual-format players like the LG or through dual-format discs. And now that I've seen a couple Blu-ray DVDs, I've got to admit, the pictures from those are superior to the pictures from regular DVDs, and it's clearly visible to the naked eye.

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