A dirty, poorly lit place

I'm in a dark dark place that I'll just refer to as pre-production. What I wouldn't give to have a line producer or two working for me. It's going to be a long, sleepless week and a half.

So while I'm in this dark dark place, I'll probably go dark here as well. Looks as if the New Yorker has a few interesting articles. Here are some of those and well as a handful of others for you to read while I try to fight my way to freedom.

It takes guts to speak out against Vladimir Putin.

"Good People" is a new short story by David Foster Wallace.

From the archives: David Remnick interviews Barack Obama.

Revisiting Obama at Harvard Law School: a preview of how he'd be as a candidate? (NYTimes)

Bruce Schneier speaks of the value of security theater. (Wired)

Free Font Manifesto.

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