Episode III

Back from a midnight showing of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. More like a 12:30am showing by the time the 20th Century Fox title animation appeared on screen. I'm so tired my eyes look like Anakin's after he turns to the dark side and my face probably looks like Chancellor Palpatine's in his Darth Sidious phase (the Dark Side is a pathway to many abilities, some considered unnatural, but apparently they don't include cosmetic enhancement; the best looking Sith Lord ends up being an 83 year old Christopher Lee as Count Dooku, unless you were hip to the pagan black, red, and horny look of Darth Maul).

Some more thoughts on the movie tomorrow, when my mind is in a better place. Exhaustion leads to confusion. Confusion leads to incoherence. Incoherence leads to unintelligible prose.