Robert Evans describes how he met his 7th wife during a nude photo shoot with Andrew Blake

Now this is what we want out of Huffington Post.

Stereogum has been posting MP3s from the new Paul Anka album of covers

The CD releases June 7, so for now, you are at the mercy of Stereogum's generosity. Jump on that quick.

Many of American Rhetoric's top 100 American speeches are available for download

Filmcritic.com lists its top 100 movie voices

I'd add Denzel Washington, Harvey Keitel, and Morgan Freeman. Maybe also Rex the dojo from Napoleon Dynamite.

Tor is a toolset that anonymizes your Internet activity

Liev Schrieber's moustache in the new Broadway production of Glengarry Glen Ross is awesome

His Ricky Roma's the best thing about the production, one that doesn't quite live up to the movie version.

Voices of Light by Richard Einhorn is haunting

Especially when accompanying the amazing movie that inspired it, Carl Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Video clips of games on the PS3: Madden (annoying ad pop-ups) and Killzone 2

Wish these were in high def/H.264 so as to provide a better sense of the true picture quality, but even these poor facsimiles hint at the awesome graphics power of the next-gen consoles. Actual game play almost always fails to live up these stunning game trailers, but maybe soon that will change. Console wars, begun again they have.

The Da Vinci Code teaser trailer steals the Batman opening concept

That's a star-studded cast. I wonder who drew the short straw and ended up as the albino monk.