tish doog

Tricks of the trade (via The Morning News). And more followups, via Me-Fi.
Quentin Tarantino's weblog (Or is it? None of the information seems particularly secret, so it's probably a fake. Then again, QT seems like the kind of guy who might conceivably have a lot to say, all the time, if he had the time, which he probably doesn't. If it's a fake, I'm sure the real McCoy will speak up soon.) UPDATE: Yep, it's fake.
Hardest cities to navigate by car (via Gothamist) - Top 5: Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Baltimore, and NYC. Not surprising to see Boston at the top; I visited Karen a year after she had moved there, and she still struggled to navigate the city. Street signs would help.
"When it comes to asking for directions, the age-old gender divide still holds true. 64 percent of women report that they are the ones who have to stop and ask for directions compared to 41 percent of men."