Mary Meeker's China Report

Mary Meeker's China Report is online for free (PDF file, 217 pages). The Morgan Stanley analyst is famous for having recommended stocks such as Netscape, AOL, Amazon, and eBay, but her reputation took a beating during the Internet bust when a lot of her recommendations went belly up. Many accused her of conflicts of interest since she was also trying to land a lot of these companies' IPOs and financing business for Morgan Stanley. She wasn't convicted of any wrongdoing during the Spitzer investigations, though.
I met her a few times while I was at Amazon and she was covering Amazon, and she always impressed me as a sharp mind. She was the analyst that mattered most, in our minds, and she grokked the Internet way before most anyone else on the Street (others who got it before everyone else: Bill Gurley, who wrote a brilliant research report on Amazon titled "Wave Riders" and Michael Maubossin). Before I joined Amazon, I had read her book The Internet Report, co-authored by Chris Depuy, and even though it made no mention of, it helped to convince me that I had to get in on the coming Internet boom. Recently, as I was packing my things up for storage in Seattle, I came across my copy, still dog-eared and highlighted cover to cover. Tossing it out was like saying farewell to my .com era.