Insomnia, and Timbuktu

Have had trouble sleeping recently. That means I feel tired all day, and I lie in bed feeling tired, but I can't fall asleep. Toss and turn, bury head under pillow insomnia. Miserable. Occasionally it happens, but in the past it was a result of caffeine consumption. But I stay away from coffee and soda now, so who knows what it is.
Light-year is a measure of distance, not time. People misuse it in conversation all the time. Do they really mean 5.88 trillion miles, approximately? I think not.
My glasses are done. I have to go pick them up sometime. That's another problem I need to solve. My office, or Amazon headquarters, is out in the middle of nowhere. During the week, I can never get to the post office, or the bank, or the dry cleaners, or the photo lab. Then the weekend comes and I spend half of it running around doing errands, when parking is scarce and traffic is lousy. I nee to carve out some errand-running time midweek.
I'm excited. My first real glasses. When, oh when, to pull them out? Perhaps at Spiderman on Friday night. Unlike the superhero on screen, by donning the glasses I'll be transforming into an even more mortal version of myself. Superman turning into Clark Kent. I'd like to be Clark Kent for a while. After all, it's Clark who gets to date Lois.
I'm guessing the best part about Spiderman will be the score by Danny Elfman. Unfortunately, the just released soundtrack only includes a few tracks by Danny because it's a soundtrack and not a score. Free Danny Elfman! Do we really need to hear the Theme from Spiderman as rendered by Aerosmith?
On a side note, it's quite annoying that because of non-standard browser implementations, certain convenient Blogger buttons like hyperlinking don't show up on when using any of the Mac browsers. I was hoping Mozilla 1.0 would solve it, but it doesn't.
Based on feedback from Ken, I've upped the font on these posts to 11px. Hopefully that's a bit easier to read for most of you. If you haven't checked in the past day or two, you missed my brief foray into 10px posts. Something about large fonts brings out the snob in me--reminds me or large print books.
It's pastime, not pasttime. Derives from "pass time" and not "past time". Of course, that raises the issue of why not passtime, but let's not go there. Also, instead of "in actuality" just say "actually." When writing, avoid redundant acronyms like SAT test, PIN number, UPC code. "Ought" should always be followed by an infinitive, so either "ought to" or "ought not to". Many people use "ought not" when they should use "ought not to".
Maybe I can't sleep because my sister Joannie is getting married in a few weeks. Whoa.