Episode II stuff

Episode II commercials in Quicktime (RealVideo and Windows Media Player look really shabby next to Quicktime--that's just my subjective observation). If you don't want to see too much of the good footage from the film, don't watch these. They do get me fired up though. Should I do another Star Wars movie marathon? 4 films--that's a lot of movie watching.
Also, an Episode II music video for Across the Stars by John Williams.
Tickets for Episode II went on sale this weekend. I've been so busy at work I completely lost track, otherwise I would have been out in line overnight waiting for tickets. As it is, I had to scramble a bit. A few phone calls to highly placed officials, a few bribes, a few favors called in. I'll be set for opening night.
Am thinking this weekend could be time to revive my Star Wars movie marathon.