Ahn Trio

Audrey took me to see the Ahn Trio as a birthday present (the birthday that keeps on giving late into the year). I'd never heard of them before. Turns out I had seen them recently and didn't realize it. They are currently on the homepage of the Gap.

Jennifer Garner from Alias is also featured on the Gap website. I think that's her boyfriend? Husband?

It's celebrity central at the Gap. Seeing celebs model Gap clothing has the same effect on me as seeing Tiger Woods touting Buick minivans or Britney Spears singing the praises of Pepsi Cola. Namely, no effect whatsoever.
It's remarkable that three siblings could get along well enough to collaborate so closely for so many years, especially since two of them are twins. The concert was lots of fun. Good to hear some new pieces, many of which are featured on their CD Ahn-Plugged. In particular, the tango Primavera Portena by Astor Piazzolla. Also good to see a younger crowd at the concert, listening to classical music. Say what you will about the use of glamor and glitz, younger musicians, and/or sex appeal to sell more country and classical music CDs. It's good business.
That Angella Ahn is pretty cute.
If you really have to know, I don't think HP should merge with Compaq. Mergers rarely make sense, rarely work out well. What does this one do for either side? I have no idea.