Been one tired pup recently. Work is intense. Chronic brain fatigue.
I'm playing a fool's game. Take time out in the morning to try and work out, or take time at the end of a long work day to read a little, or to hit the gym. It doesn't matter if the big block of time you're working around in the middle is the same size every day. It's a zero sum game.
Had my eyes checked. Occasionally, the vision in my right eye just goes for five to ten minutes at a time. First time it happened I nearly lost it. Then, every few months, it would happen again. I imagined what it would be like to go blind. The initial depression. Then the violent, angry explosions, perhaps a bout with alcoholism. The cinematic confrontation with someone, the best supporting actor or actress, who'd chastise me for feeling sorry for myself. The inevitable triumphant return after a period of training with the blind master. The exclamation point being a thwarted robbery, or a masterful piano recital, something like that.
Doc's diagnosis? Ocular migraines. Perhaps that explains the splitting headaches I've been having recently. Maybe it's this godforsaken weather.
Snow today. It's March. In Seattle.