Old New

Went with Bill to Area One on Friday night. Mainly to see New Order, but the overall collection of talent was impressive. Paul Oakenfold. Outkast. Moby. The Orb. The Roots. Timo Maas.
Seeing New Order brought me back to high school. Bernie and Peter were there, but Gillian was not. I couldn't tell if Stephen was there. Surprise guest guitarist was Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy really had very little to do most of the night. I wonder why he was touring with them at all. Most of the time he just stood there in his fishing hat, looking around like he was bored out of his mind.
The New Order set:
Love Will Tear Us Apart
True Faith
Your Silent Face
Bizarre Love Triangle
Touched by the Hand of God
Turn My Way
60 Miles An Hour
Blue Monday
Very cool stuff. I'm glad they went retro, even as far back as to start with a Joy Division tune. The highlights, for me, were Your Silent Face and Temptation. Peter Hook has put on some weight and looked like Ray Winstone from Sexy Beast.
Oh yeah, he still plays the bass spread-eagled, holding the bass down almost to the ground. He did seem a bit stoned, but maybe that's just how he is.
The only songs I truly missed were Love Vigilantes and Perfect Kiss.
Bernie is a terrible dancer, and with the advent of Prozac he's also much too cheerful, but good for him. Biggest problem with the concert? Had to choose between Oakenfold and New Order/Outkast because they played at the same times. I'm not sure who set the lineup, but I don't think you should have to choose between the biggest acts for that price, $60, which was otherwise a good deal considering all the talent there.
"Manchester United! David Beckham!" Bernie kept shouting. No encore.
They're pretty much the reason I went. New Order still lays down a sonic landscape with their guitars that is unique. I miss it, though I'm not real keen on their new album Get Ready. Maybe it will grow on me.