More Pie

Went to a screening of American Pie 2 with Dan tonight. We have a tradition of getting out to see trashy comedies, and this continued the run. Fairly predictable humor--less of a story arc than the first film and more a continuous string of jokes which peters out by the end. But along the way, good fun. It will do well next weekend at the box office.
Last Sunday Bill and I went out to WOMAD. Not sure what that stands for, exactly, but basically it's a world music festival. We caught Peter Gabriel and the Afrocelts. A very northwest type of concert. Henna tattoos, rose tinted glasses, that scene. We were trying to watch the concert (Gabriel had his daughter accompany him vocally, which was nice) this crazy character we dubbed Charles Manson (because of his physical resemblance to that serial killer) pranced around making an ass of himself. Climbed a tree and started throwing leaves on people. Then pulled a flag out of the ground and started waving it around. Took a water bottle and sprayed everyone. Talked loudly and incoherently while Gabriel played. Bill and I were becoming quite annoyed, but Manson found this group of folks to play to: a series of couples with their children, all tripped out on acid. They passed around the eyedropper once or twice, maintaining their chemical imbalance and dancing around all crazy. If they passed the eyedropper to one of their young children, or god forbid their one of their babies, I would have lost it.
Made me think that hippies are not necessarily any more noble than working stiffs like myself. They can be just as degenerate, as much of a drain on society.
David and Jenny at work shared this Amazon customer review with me today, and it's classic. I can't believe it's serious, but then again...
It's a review for The Magnificent Seven:
1 of 107 people found the following review helpful:
One out of Five Stars Rip off of a classic western, January 28, 2001
Reviewer: A viewer from Palm Beach, FL USA
This movie seems to be a scene-by-scene copy of one of my favorite movies-"Magnificent Seven". Magnificent seven is a classic movie that has been copied many times, but I didn't know westerns were popular enough in japan to be copied. Not a bad copy but doesn't hold a candle to the original!

At least 106 out of 107 of our customers pass film history 101 here.
Looking for an alternative to Napster now that the lawyers have throttled it? I just started using Audiogalaxy, and while its interface takes a bit of getting used to, it worked like a charm for me last night.
Joannie's somewhere in Europe. She got to see the last stage of the Tour. I'm jealous. Considering doing a Tour, um, tour next year.
Pop under ads are driving me nuts. At the end of a session browsing the web all those open browser windows are like lint. There must be a name for them. Surf dandruff? Still, looking at how much press and traffic X10 has received, it's pretty unbelievable. At the right price, it might not actually be as bad a marketing campaign as it appears. I should dig into it one of these nights when I have a few minutes of free time and figure it out.
Peter is marrying in Prague next week. I want to go so badly, but plane tickets are so expensive and hard to come by. I'd love to be there to see him walk the aisle, and to see a bit of Prague. Maybe my frequent flier miles will come through for me at the last minute? Peter, I'm working on it! BTW, Peter, that's the coolest wedding invite I've ever received. Very spare--even, dare I say it, bauhaus, if I knew what that meant. German industrial design. Chic.
This whole Condit/Levy thing creeps me out. Do old politicians in D.C. really stoop as low as to prey on interns half their ages? Read an interesting article, I think in the NYTimes Magazine, about how the environment in that capitol--politicians working long, lonely hours late at the office, and young, impressionable girls away from home--breeds many such affairs. I wonder if the Amazon work environment is conducive to inter-office romance. I probably shouldn't even send my mind down that alley. Okay, I won't.
Someone the other day corrected me when I said we should add a question about sex to a market research survey.
"You mean gender."
Um, no. I didn't even stop to think about it at the time, but I just realized that people don't have gender, pronouns do. People have sex. Just to set the record straight. As Austin would say, yes please.