New News

CNN is rolling out a revamped look for Headline News tomorrow morning. It's intended to appeal to younger people (currently the average age of a Headline News viewer is 54, or 64, or something like that). I'll have to check it out. Supposedly it has all sorts of tickers and information display panes all around the news anchors. I hope it's not like the Bloomberg channel with all the scrolling tickers.
No current newspaper or news channel has exactly the right mix of content and presentation to appeal to me. That's why I have to subscribe to so many different magazines, newspapers. Since the beginning of time, newspapers are all:
Business section (stock quotes, etc.)
Arts/Entertainment section
Local interest (if a regional paper)
Classifieds (if a regional paper)
Maybe a travel or technology section
What would the ideal sections be in my newspaper? Good question. I have to think about that. What would they be in yours?
It's tough to reach the younger demographic. CNN may try, but no one rivals MTV in that category. They're ultra-powerful in the ad market in that way.
George Bush is really fit! He is in the top 2% for people his age, runs 3 miles four times a week, has a resting heart rate of 43. I saw that in a paper today. Stats from his regular White House physical. Impressive for a guy his age, and bad news for his detractors, I suppose. Hmm, if the president can run three miles four times a week, no excuse for the rest of us not to get at least that much exercise as well.