Finally, victory

Damn, I just lost another post. I hate when that happens. Blogger needs an autosave function for me.
We finally won our first softball game of the season tonight. We're like 1 and 9 or something like that. We finally had nearly our full team out, and a guy or two here or there made a huge difference in our pitching, defense, offense. We're actually not all that bad. Our best players just haven't showed up all at once this season. I hate losing. We celebrated with beers and burgers at the pub on Mercer and engaged in the type of conversation that only happens in the company of other men. The kind that would get us fired from work in a different setting.
My arms are tiny from all that cycling. The softball bat felt heavy in my hands. I will have to hit the gym after RAMROD is over.
My knee is still a bit sore but I think I'll give it a spin tomorrow. I realized that I haven't been getting enough sleep with all the miles I've been logging. When you ride a lot, you need more sleep, and I've been getting less sleep. I was so exhausted this morning after the trip to L.A. yesterday I was tempted to drink coffee. I'm going to make sure to get my ZZZ's these next two weeks leading up to RAMROD. I can't believe it's just around the corner. I admit, I'm intimidated.
Lance is in decent shape in the Tour, but Ullrich looks very strong this year. Jan probably has more talent than Lance, but Lance has the iron will. Should be a great battle in the mountains. Team time trial tomorrow...if you have OLN, watch it! Beautiful stuff.
Lyle Lovett tomorrow. Think, before Benjamin Bratt (and I believe after Kiefer Sutherland) there was Lyle. Julia, why so fickle?
Our CEO Jeff shared the love with two purchases of sci-fi books by Frederik Pohl the other day. It sent me back to fifth grade(?). I won our class fiction contest and the reward was spending a day with other class winners in the company of Mr. Pohl, a resident of the Chicago suburbs. He read the last paragraph from my story to the group. I remember it was a horror story, about these creatures that escape from a meteorite that crashes in the countryside, eating a few farmers and animals along the way. Why did I write a horror story? I never showed any interest in horror before or after that. Very odd. I must have been disturbed by something. It's buried there in my psyche somewhere. Like my memory of Frederik Pohl. Odd, to have these submerged memories dregged up from the bottom of the lake like that, still blinking. If Jeff hadn't bought those books, would I have ever remembered that incident again?
Summer's in Seattle are always so busy. Barbeque's, concerts on the Pier (three already...I can't keep it up!), basball games, softball, volleyball at Greenlake, cycling, running....and, um, weddings. I have a wedding every weekend in September now. That's nuts! Five weddings to go this year still. Unbelievable. People are getting engaged and then married just a few months later. Polly just sent me the link to their marriage website today.
Bill is going to score us some tix to New Order at the Gorge...yee-ha!
Mark is going to business school next year and is cruising all over Europe right now. I'm jealous that he's going to get a break from the work world, but I don't think I could go to business school. I don't think I could seriously study business at this point in my life.
Read a hundred or so pages of Killing Pablo on the plane yesterday. Pretty quick read, though not as much of a pure page-turner as Black Hawk Down.
Karen's European tour is almost over. I'm really glad she went over there and toured those cities. She's seen more of Europe than I have already.
I look at pictures of kids before the age of like three, and they all look the same to me.
Ken and Derek both might come out and visit in the next month. That would be fun. Haven't had visitors out here in Seattle in a long time.
All sorts of people from my past have just recently dropped me e-mail. It's very odd.
I can't write a full paragraph. My mind can't string coherent sets of thoughts together right now. Stop.