Rode this morning, and my knee acted up big time. Doc says I have some fluid buildup in the knee. It's stiff, sore. Ramrod is going to hurt. Doc things I can make it if I stop pushing big gears up the hills. I didn't tell him I'm already pushing some pretty low gears.
Medication he gave me was powerful. I took some, passed out briefly, and had some crazy visions.
Did a 70 mile ride Saturday with Gilia and her husband Aaron. I've logged over 300 miles since returning from Spain, and it might just be a case of too much, too fast. Still, mortality is humbling.
One oldie that made good: Goran in Wimbledon. Wow. Saw him lose to Andre in the Finals at my uncle's place in Taipei, a long time ago. His win makes me young, in a way.
Off to L.A. tomorrow for a business trip. I hate flying.