Ichiro curse

I am the kryptonite to Ichiro. I went to the Mariners-Giants game today, and once again I saw Ichiro go hitless. I haven't seen him get a hit all year, and that's probably only happened to him a few times. That's the third time I've jinxed him this year. Oh yeah, the Mariners have lost all 3 times I've visited Safeco, and that's pretty odd considering they've only lost 25 times all year.
Bill is unbelievable at that game where they show a picture from some famous player's youth. He always gets it right away. Today it was Jeff Kent and Bill nailed it without a clue.
Beijing won the 2008 summer Olympics today. Istanbul got shafted and came in last with only 9 votes as compared with Beijing's 56. Some folks think the Olympic committee should have denied Beijing again as punishment for their human rights abuses. I'm somewhat on the fence about it, but something tells me sending thousands of hungry reporters to China will force them to clean up their acts. Still, it's eight years away...a lot could happen in that time. Maybe it will be a non issue by then. Plus a boycott is still a possibility.