Episode II Teaser

It's available at the Star Wars website.
I saw it ahead of Monsters Inc. this weekend. What's funny is that last year some fans made a mock Episode II trailer that was nearly as good as this one. Just a series of slide shots and closeups on turning heads.
Apple is forcing everyone to upgrade to Quicktime Pro to see the large versions of trailers, or to save them to their computers. I think they're seriously misjudging the value proposition. $30?
The animation in Monsters Inc. is impressive. There's a scene in the snow when Sully is flying down a dark mountain on a sled, with a small lantern hanging on the sled. The lighting in that scene must have been really difficult, and it looks fantastic. Then his sled blows up and they show him lying in the snow, and you can see the hairs on his body blowing in the wind. The movement is completely natural. And whereas they still don't quite capture the movements of older humans all that well, the cartoon-like movements of a very young child like Boo come out very nicely. The facial expressions on the kid who watches Mike do his comedy routine are also very good.
Oh, and the chase scene is a lot of fun. It's something that the world of digital effects has opened up for us, the world which would cost too much to build as a physical set. Doors flying everywhere. That would make a great rollercoaster at Disney, if they could build a giant warehouse that large and that deep.
The humor felt a bit flat to me. Definitely more geared towards kids. It's a film that doesn't soar the way Toy Story or Toy Story 2 did, but the ending is wonderful. Classy touch.