Yessss!!!!! Folks have just left.


Folks have just left. Sang and I had people over to watch
Game Seven. What a series!
As soon as Grace lined that single up the middle off Rivera
to lead off the ninth inning, Adam shouted, "Rock, you've cut
him! He's bleeding! He's human!" Bittersweet since he's
an ex-Cub, but I'm glad he got the chance to play in a
World Series, and he came up big, 3-4, today.
It was awesome to see Curt Schilling dragging himself out
there for eight innings. His splitter was clearly not sinking the
way he wanted it to at the end of the game, but he was a
gamer. And then Randy Johnson. What a stud. After throwing
over one hundred pitches the night before, dragging himself
out there for 1.3 innings of relief. His arm must have felt like
a brick, and his fastball clearly lacked the usual zip, but he
just found a way to shut down the Yankees. Those two
clearly deserve the co-MVP. Those two left their arms
out on the mound.
Tony Womack, much maligned by rotisserie baseball players
everywhere for his lousy on-base-percentage, showed
that anyone can be a hero if given the chance. Throw the
stats out the window. Interestingly, the two guys who got
the clutch hits (Grace and Womack) are both lefties with
really short, compact swings. They both choke up a bit.
That's probably the type of lefty who can hit Rivera best,
considering the action of his fastball is down and into
the hands. Gonzo, with his long swing and open stance,
struggled, but fortunately the infield was in and he was able
to muscle that last pitch out even though he got jammed
yet again.
The weekend was rough on me. I was sick all weekend
and last night I woke up in the middle of the night,
feeling nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up,
but after sitting in the bathroom for a few minutes I
managed to fall back asleep. This morning I was
running a fever, light-headed. Then, somehow, the
Bears pulled out a miraculous victory against the
Browns. If Stanford, the Bears, and the Diamondbacks
had all lost I think I might have had to raid the liquor
cabinet tonight.
Wow, there's nothing quite like a game seven win,
a miracle comeback by the team you're rooting for.
For a short, happy moment, everything is right in
the world. The cares and worries of work and life
recede for a while, and you can just sit back and
share in the company of good friends.
P.S.: Jamie K., you're making the weblog tonight. For
admitting that you fell down while serving a tennis
ball. I'm trying to picture it in my head, and it's
giving me a chuckle.
P.S.S.: Byung-Hyun, you're off the hook kid. Come
back strong.