Stolen passport Yikes--a breach in

Stolen passport

Yikes--a breach in MS Passport! You have to wonder how safe Microsoft Passport is
when every few weeks you hear about some security flaw
in Outlook, or Excel, or Internet Explorer.
Yes, security is hard. But if you want to launch a service
like Passport, that's the issue you choose to deal with.
The rewards are great, so I don't have any sympathy for
Personally, the idea of a wallet that travels with you online
is appealing, but I have felt no great need to adopt MS
Passport. As far as I can tell, it just allows me to avoid
having to type in my address and credit card. When I
first buy from some site, I like to go through the checkout
process b/c I'm trying to determine how safe it looks. And
if I've already bought from a store, I expect them to store
my credit card info anyway, so Passport doesn't buy
me much there.