Pant, pant I'm up to

Pant, pant

I'm up to 8,081 words total in my novel. Man, it's hard work.
The Nanowrimo word counter lists some people over 20,000
words already. Someone claims to have 64,700 words done.
Are you kidding me? When I think of what I have written with
my 8,000 words so far, I realize 50,000 words isn't necessarily
a very long novel. But it will still be a painful getting to the
finish line.
My great breakthrough was setting the high school football
scene in the present tense.
I'm having problem finding the time to write my novel, get
my work done at the office, and leave time for working out.
In fact, I'm pretty sure my life will lose its balance this
I move offices tomorrow.
I'm really, really tired. I think my biorhythms are low right now.
I'm not feeling all that peppy.