New trailer for Attack of

New trailer for Attack of the Clones

It's a good one, borrowing music from Episode I. Hit
refresh once on your browser to bring up the page. Seems like
a much clearer storyline than in the first film.
Harry Potter opens on about 8,000 screens this
weekend. Good lord! That's the highest ever. I thought
the long run-time would limit their box office, but it doesn't
matter if you have every screen in the theater showing the
film. Just doing simple math, if you believe most of the
screenings this weekend will be 85% full, the box office
will be massive. My personal estimate for the weekend is
that the movie does $82M, which would break the record
set by The Lost World for Friday to Monday openings.
Let's say $82M to $87M.
While many are touting the fact that nearly 1 million
tickets will be sold online for this film, that in no way
should reflect online penetration of online ticketing. People
are just using any means necessary to secure a limited
commodity, and that will not be the case with 98% of
movies playing on a screen in the U.S. over the next year.
A tasty tidbit from Bill James new book, on Barry Bonds:
Barry Bonds
Certainly the most un-appreciated superstar of my lifetime;
Bonds, [Craig] Biggio, and [Rickey] Henderson the three
most un-appreciated. Probably the second- or third-best
hitter among the 100 listed left fielders (behind [Ted] Williams
and perhaps [Stan] Musial), probably the third-best baserunner
(behind Henderson and [Tim] Raines), probably the best
defensive left fielder. Griffey has always been more popular,
but Bonds has been a far, far greater player.
The ten best players of the 1990s:
1. Barry Bonds
2. Craig Biggio
3. Frank Thomas
4. Ken Griffey Jr.
5. Jeff Bagwell
6. Rafael Palmeiro
7. Barry Larkin
8. Roberto Alomar
9. Mark McGwire
10. Greg Maddux
The number two man, Biggio, is closer in value to the
number 10 man than he is to Bonds. Biggio passed
Bonds as the best player in baseball in 1997.