Moving on

Congrats to Polly on her marriage to Ed. I attended the wedding this weekend. It was like a mini-reunion, to see some old classmates, visit the Bay Area again. I get this feeling at all weddings I attend, a feeling of envy for the happiness that the bride and groom share. It's not really jealousy, because I feel it even when I attend weddings of people I've never met. I wonder if other people feel that, or if other married couples feel that. It's a magical thing. Polly looked so happy and ready, and by the end of all the ceremonies I thought, "Of course, this makes total sense." I don't think married life will be a change for her at all.
My manager of three years is also going to move on to new things early next year. That has been a strange thing for me to deal with. It feels like something that I wish wasn't happening so soon but which also is clearly the right thing for him so that he can pursue his lifelong dream. Most people find the timing to be strange, but his decision, like Polly's marriage, also makes a lot of sense to me. His reasons for wanting to do it make complete sense to me. It will be an adjustment for me, because we've gotten to the point where I can tell what he's thinking, he knows what I'm thinking, we don't need to spell everything out. We share the same general philosophy on most business things, so we don't need to hash everything out. When he has criticisms for me, they're ones I anticipate or that make a lot of sense to me.
So many people are wondering if I'm leaving as well, because he and I have worked together for so long. I've gotten more e-mail asking me about that than anything else. I didn't realize how closely people associated me with him. That thing they say, about people quitting managers and not companies...I can see why that is. If you are fortunate enough to work for someone you admire and can learn from, work can be a fairly painless thing. Otherwise, work is hell.
I watched the meteor shower in SF from a rental car. It was impressive. Sharon, Alan, and I also ran into some deer who had somehow wandered into a suburban neighborhood in the valley. We were driving along at 3 a.m. and suddenly they were there alongside the car, a male and a female. One of those strangely magical evenings when you wonder if you're dreaming.
God I miss San Francisco sometimes. Friday I stayed with Lorin, and when she left for work in the morning on Saturday I just went for a run from California/Fillmore down the hill to the water and then all the way along the water's edge to Fisherman's Wharf and then back. The hills killed me of course, but the sun was out, people were sitting outside of cafes sipping coffee, and it was the most cleansing hour-long run I've had in ages.
The whole weekend was exhausting. My sleep deficit always widens when I travel a lot. Last week's trip to LA and NY and all the time in the rental car this past weekend driving out to Polly's wedding in the middle of nowhere outside Sacramento have left me feeling slow of mind and foot. The new travel security rules make flying a huge time-suck.