Missing year! Sometime earlier this

Missing year!

Sometime earlier this year, for some reason, maybe to impress
upon some vendor that I was older than I looked, I took to telling
everyone I was 28. And somewhere along the way, I lost track of
time and started believing it myself.
Duh. Howie and Mark in L.A. are like, wait, when did you suddenly
become older than us? I'm like, let's see, 2001 minus 1974, carry
the 1, oh my god, I'm only 27! Man, what a space cadet am I.
But damn, it felt great. It's like I've lopped a year off of my life!
I have an extra year to hit all my 30 before 30 goals! No way I'll
miss out on those now. That was the highlight of the week.