About 20 minutes ago, I turned 27. Birthdays just serve as reminders of all the things I have yet to do. Time's a wastin'.
I went for a ride around Mercer again today. I managed to shave a minute off my time. 37 minutes to do the outside of Mercer, 1 hour 12 minutes from the front door of the house and back. Still pretty poor. I don't have any kick up the hills right now, it's all this upper body weight I'm carrying. And my legs are not in biking shape. It was raining, and I was pretty soaked. I think I could have knocked perhaps another half minute off if it was dry.
I was coming back across the 90 bridge, and some man blew by on his road bike. I had to chase him down and kill him going up the hill. One of these days I won't be able to catch one of those guys, and it will depress the hell out of me.
Christina came over and cooked for hours. Prepping for my little birthday soiree tonight. What a trooper, just slicing and dicing and blending for hours. I was really touched. I need to find one of those chef hats for her. She's a budding gourmand. One of those people who actually subscribes to high end cooking magazines. I see her as a successful restaraunteur someday. Tomorrow we have another packed schedule of cooking. Poor girl, I wonder if she knew what she was getting into. I'm supposed to make stuffed mushrooms, so I had to download some recipes off the web.
I didn't plan on attending our company party tonight ("The Big Sexy") but in the end Christina managed to drag me out. We got there late, around 10, and it ended at midnight. Every year I recognize fewer and fewer people at the company party. I must admit, looking around, I can't imagine too many companies having company parties like the ones we have. If
I end up working for some stodgy corporation someday, I will die of boredom at the company Christmas party, sipping cocktails and making small talk with the wife of some vice president.
I just feel like going out to run. Like Forrest Gump. Just up and start running across the country.