3 x 3 x 3

I'm in a cubed year, as Rachael noted. Certainly, to someone mathematically inclined, that must mean something, something good. I guess that means the last time I had an exceptional year I was 8, and after this year, I'll be 64 before the next big year rolls around. Damn, I'd better enjoy this one.
Spent most of the day helping Christina cook. She came by yet again and put in a big day. She came up with some amazing stuff, all done by hand. I won't be able to do it justice, as culinary-challenged as I am.
Beet salad
Bowtie pasta salad with spinach, walnuts
Baba Ganouj
Chicken Potstickers with a green chile soy sauce dip
Seared ahi tuna with wasabi mayonnaise or mango salsa dips (searing and mayo courtesy of The Big Sexy himself, Scott)
Shrimp wrapped in bacon
Grilled peppers and portabella mushrooms, marinated in olive oil and garlic
Cucumber yogurt dip
Turkey, spinach, cheese wraps
My sole contribution was stuffed mushrooms, and even then Christina had to give me directions. I stuffed them with a sour cream, cream cheese, bread crumb, mushroom stem, celery, onion, garlic, dill weed, bacon concoction. I think it turned out okay, since they're all gone. Actually, everything was delicious. Betina contributed a divine crab/artichoke dip and two really tasty cakes, a mocha cake and a german chocolate cake.
We also had lots of good wine. I bought some of my favorites, and folks brought by some good stuff. I made out with some really good bottles of wine and champagne, some sweet cigars, and some good liquor. I foresee some sinful nights of gluttony in my near future.
Christina worked her butt off all weekend in the kitchen. I owe her big time. She's only known me a short time, and I'm already indebted to her in a huge way. Betina came over before the party and jumped in to lend a hand so that I could run off to change. The two of them really spoil me. If my mom were her to meet them, she'd probably adopt them.
Unfortunately, something was wrong with my camera, so I didn't get any photos. Drats! I'll have to take it into the shop. Nikon, you let me down. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to do it again sometime (Christina, are you listening?).
Heard from the folks, from my sisters, from Alan, and even my cousin Chuck from Hong Kong...how did he even know it was my birthday?!? Auntie Wan-Ling called from Los Angeles.
Oh my god. I am old.
I am old.