Chick peas

Okay, now I am paying for my early morning workout schedule. I am going to have some deep dreams tonight, because my whole body is beat up. I can't remember the last time I was so tired. Thursday I was up at 5 a.m. and out to Fremont for two hours of pickup basketball in the morning. Then, that evening, I played another hour since the Amazon team had a game. I wasn't even supposed to go, since people were supposed to come over for a movie, but no one showed up and our team was short people. So of course only five people showed up so I had to play the whole game. The bottoms of my
feet are ripped up right now, I have blisters all over. My back is aching, my legs are like jelly from the return to lifting this week. Damn, I feel old.
And to remind me of that fact, I'm turning 27 on Sunday. I think I just have an ancient soul. To prevent the aging process, I am going to push myself to try some new physical feats this year.
1. Marathon (Chicago, New York?)
2. Biking leg of a triathlon (Bill said he'd run, and hopefully Betina will swim, even if it does give her big shoulders)
3. RAMROD (ride around mt. rainier in one day)
4. Climb Mt. Rainier
But still, I have not felt like socializing much lately. I've been keeping a mellow schedule, just working a lot, working out, and staying home and listening to classical music, looking over old photos, and thinking a lot about the future. I think I have somewhat of a Madonna-esque thing, always wanting to recreate myself every few years. Apprentice in all things, master of none. What's the next big thing? I'm not sure.
I spent all night tonight grocery shopping with Christina. I am grocery shopped out for life. We hit Costco, Larry's, and QFC, picking up food for a little soiree I'm having at my place on Sunday for my birthday. Christina is like the mistress of ceremonies. She's cooking up all the food. Betina, Rachael, Scott, and a whole bunch of people are all chipping in, which is sweet. I feel like I have domain experts, all focusing on one piece of food or drink. Tonight, for the first time in my life, I
bought chick peas. How many people go through life, having never bought chick peas.
Tomorrow is the company party. The Big Sexy. I have to take Scott to dinner at the Met sometime because he managed to work that into the company lexicon, and now even the company party is named after that. If only they knew what it referred to. Damn. In a recession, the Met is obscene. I'm going to resort to eating tofu and canned tuna until we pull out of this recession.
I can't decide if I want to go to the company party. It would be the first time I've missed it. This general emotional malaise, it's really bothersome. I can't quite pin it down, but...
as i write, you wilt beneath my pen
to touch her with my art, before she turns away
where do those come from? i can't remember now.
I saw JulieAnn today, and she told me she was leaving Amazon to travel around Southeast Asia for five months or so. Gosh, I was jealous. I've been thinking a lot about my travel plans this year, and I think I should just set them down in the next
two weeks.
Truly, it is hard to find interesting people. The most interesting parts of people, to me, are those dark recesses where their fears and insecurities hide. Most people have those pretty well camoflauged.
Hah, my website has only gotten seven hits to the homepage, and those are all from me. This is truly like a private diary. I should write something evil here. It would be like confession, post-modern style.