Two Johns

This will have to be a short entry, as one of my new year resolutions is to wake up early on Tues. and Thurs. mornings and play basketball at 6AM at Sound Mind and Body in Fremont with the cell-phone totin high fiving cowboys from bus dev. That means I have to get out of the house by 5:30, as it's a long drive from my house. It causes me emotional trauma to get up that early, but I managed to make it on Tuesday, and I felt pretty good that whole day. More alive, for sure.
John Chang visited yesterday. I haven't seen "Sun Tzu" for years, probably since Sharon's wedding, or maybe even before that? He's still much the same, but engaged now, getting married in May. I have to respect the guy, as he's always seemed like he has this internal compass locked in to one coordinate at any one point in time, unaffected by the people and events around him. That's rare.
Strange, how so many of my Stanford classmates who went on to medical school are now engaged or married, while all of us crazy working-class types are all just drifting. John thinks it's because medical school provides such a regimented schedule for one's life that one has to plan out relationships just like any other life choice. Whereas folks like me can live life to life, committing and uncommitting from jobs and relationships and cities according to our own moods and fancies. Is
marriage then the necessary outcome of forced planning? If so, I am not marriageable material. I can't remember the last time I even thought out more than 6 months ahead. Maybe I just haven't encountered the world so perfect I would
want it to continue indefinitely.
I saw another John, John F. Kennedy, in Thirteen Days today. Bruce Greenwood played him perfectly. A really good film, with the key exception being Kevin Costner's horrid attempt at a Bostonian accent. I brought my team from work to see it, and we were all giggling throughout the whole film everytime he spoke. The director should have just had him speak normally. Besides that, though, a very entertaining film.
Stanford beat up on Cal tonight in hoops. My boys are still undefeated, still number one in the country. Pretty amazing, that we'd have the top hoops team in the country. I don't follow Stanford as closely as I once did, but I still bleed Cardinal when it comes to college hoops and football.