Obama's Address to Congress

Obama is speaking to Congress today. I was hoping real-life slumdog millionaire (well, sort of) Bobby Jindal would be there for the talk, so that he could walk out partway through Obama's speech and Obama could say, "You can walk out on me, Governor Jindal, but you can't walk out on the American people..." or whatever it is that Jeff Bridges says in The Contender. (IMDb memorable quotes you're letting me down on this one).

In advance, I want to address those who will complain that this live stream is from Fox News: we should have a CNBC version for watching after the fact. It's the internet, speculation is cheap, but we honestly have no political agenda we're trying to push, we just shoot to obtain the best live stream possible from all available sources, and whatever network broadcasts the actual address, it's all the same during the speech anyhow.