She was serious

In her appearance on Ricky Gervais' Extras a few years back, Kate Winslet bemoaned that "if you do a film about the Holocaust, you’re guaranteed an Oscar". Well, it seems she heeded her own advice to good effect.

In this high-stakes competition for Oscar gold, look for Harvey Weinstein to produce a movie casting a beautiful woman playing a historical Holocaust survivor who overcomes a childhood physical deformity that mars her beauty to become an accomplished violinist whose performances help to overcome racism and elect the first black President of the U.S., but only after being discovered living on the streets homeless, this discovery being made by a down-and-out reporter who's seeking redemption of his own after being ousted from a renowned newspaper for continuing to cry Chicken Little about an impending financial crisis that ultimately comes to pass, at which point the renowned newspaper offers him a job to come back to write, but he turns it down to launch his own website for citizen journalism, because he's seen the light and no longer wants to work for the man, and who's with me? Nobody? Really? No, wait, there's a hand in the air, it's the Holocaust-survivor violinist, not Renee Zellweger as Dorothy Boyd, but perhaps some fresh young face like her, she comes along, and they fall in love, because we want the two telegenic leads to fall in love, and it's good box office if they do, but only after she almost marries her agent, a solid if somewhat dull and straight-laced guy played by, say, James Marsden. Oh, and somehow we need to work in Will Ferrell playing a comic sidekick, maybe the reporter's college buddy who runs an adult website but turns his technical skills to launching and maintaining our reporter's citizen journalism website which will become such a hit that our lead gets a blogger crossover book deal. And to appeal to the kids, we will have an animated pet ferret who can talk and sing (voiced by Jennifer Hudson) and who at one point in the movie does the Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance number which can provide a quick 5 second zing for the movie trailer so people realize it's not entirely a downer of a Holocaust movie, and also because the musical is back, baby!