The free and the not-so-free

"Let's Get Digital 1" is a free digital song compilation from Insound.

Two reports on the Red 4K camcorder from NAB (Part 1, Part 2). Peter Jackson shot a short movie with two Red prototypes to show in 4K at NAB, and a version of that should be available to download from in a couple days according to a forum post by Jim Jannard.

Also at NAB, Panasonic debuted the AG-HPX500, the big brother to the HVX200. The HPX500 shoots DVCPRO HD with 4:2:2 sampling on 3 2/3" CCDs, and unlike the HVX200 it accepts interchangeable lenses. It will retail for $14,000 which is good for what it does (though whether or not you agree depends on whether you're a pro in the biz or just your average joe).

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