Optical Heterodyning

Researchers at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs have developed a prototype of a heterodyne light field camera that allows you to change the focus point of an image after it's shot. Essentially, if you didn't set the DOF focus range on the right portion of the image, you can adjust it in post. It does this unblurring by increasing the DOF by 10X.

I imagine that in the future, consumer point-and-shoot digital cameras will have all sorts of features like this built in. With memory growing cheaper by the month, future point-and-shoots will allow even the worst photographer in the world to take an in-focus, properly exposed photo. I foresee camera in the future snapping multiple exposures of an image so you can simply select the right exposure afterwards (you can do this to some extent by shooting RAW today, but most photography novices shoot JPGs).

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