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I stuck a few Adsense text links in the right column. I tried to keep ads off of this page, but in the past half year I've been hit with a lot of traffic overage fees, about $5 a month, and I've always wanted to run this site wallet-neutral. In the past my Amazon associates rev has covered enough of my hosting fees that I didn't bother with ads. I have two suspicions about the Adsense text links. One is that they'll need to be more prominent than they are now to generate much revenue, if any, and the second is that my blog content may not be topically constrained enough to generate many relevant Adsense links (Google offers tools to test the latter, and a few trials haven't turned out much). But for the time being, I'll keep them subtle and minimal, and if one strikes your fancy, do click through and help a brother out. At any rate, when I finally get around to the site redesign I keep putting on the back burner, I'll figure out what to do with them.
Even bobsledders use steroids. That strikes me as really odd. If you're one of the guys in back, isn't your primary skill to sit?
NBC is not covering the Olympics live, and that's a problem in this day and age. A quick peek at ESPN or any major news site online or on TV and you can't help but find out who all the winners are going to be later that evening. I have no idea why they aren't doing live broadcasts on NBC. On the East Coast, NBC replays its primetime coverage from something like 12:30am to 5:00am, for no apparent reason. Why not a live broadcast and then a primetime replay? Even NBCOlympics.com's online video clips are delayed in order to not ruin things for the network. The tail's wagging the dog.
I had a friend in town on Sunday, and at dinner she said that I'd never guess what her favorite new TV show was. I said Grey's Anatomy. I was right. It wasn't difficult since every girl I know watches that show. It's the new Sex in the City, complete with Ellen Pompeo providing Carrie-esque voiceovers. Their big push to grab onto the coattails of the Super Bowl worked, though, as many guys who had the game on were forced to watch the show with the ladies afterwards (like me). An artillery shell in the gut? Are you kidding me? What a McGuffin.
Two movie soundtracks I enjoyed recently: Syriana and Mysterious Skin.