Breaking the speed limit

When record-breaking snows are falling outside my window (26.9 inches), I yearn to be on a mountain somewhere boarding. Since that's not meant to be right now, the next best alternative is to make some hot chocolate and cozy up under a blanket to watch the Winter Olympics.
Maybe my favorite winter Olympic sport is the Alpine Downhill. Those guys are just configured differently than the rest of us, to be able to launch themselves down the mountain like human missiles over icy, hard-packed snow at upwards of 75mph. One mistake and it's into the Medevac with you. Those Spyder downhill suits are cool, a bit like high-end futuristic Spiderman Halloween costumes, ones that happen to cost $700. They're also appropriate, because it seems the downhillers are only hanging onto the mountain by some superpowered adhesion; so many times it seems they're at the verge of escape velocity, when they'll just suddenly separate from the mountain and soar off into the clouds.

Two things I'd like to see: (1) video from a helmet cam mounted on one of these guys on a downhill run, projected on a big screen, and (2) that technology that allows NBC to show each racer on screen simultaneously with a ghost image of the current leader, like they have in videogames. That would allow easier visual comparisons of lines and form. They used it once when comparing men's winner Deneriaz with silver medalist Walchhofer, but only after the race was over. In doing so, they showed that Walchhofer lost the race when he nearly failed to land on the Angel's jump (though his recovery was unbelievable).