Anything is possible, except signing a really famous NBA star to endorse our shoes

Li-Ning, the third most popular mfr. in China behind Nike and Adidas, signed Damon Jones of the Cleveland Cavaliers to be their spokesperson. Abel Wu, their VP of brand marketing, explained, "We were looking for an N.B.A. star to represent the N.B.A. image and be our spokesperson. Mr. Jones is one of the outstanding 3-point shooters who can always change results of the game at a key moment."
Well, you have to start somewhere, but Damon Jones?
Here's the Li-Ning logo:

Looks slightly familiar, no? Looks like the illegitimate offspring of a Nike swoosh and a checkmark.
The Li-Ning slogan is "Anything is possible," which also seems to ring a bell.
Li-Ning should just sign a Lebron look-alike to be their celebrity endorser, even if he doesn't play basketball. Or maybe Yao Ming's younger brother or dad.