Managed to catch the last quarter of the Colts-Steelers game...wow. That was the most entertaining quarter of football I've seen all season. I don't even know where to begin.
Two plays might epitomize the game. Manning is sacked on 4th and 16 after Joey Porter blitzes yet again, from the same spot as on the previous play, and isn't picked up. Steelers take over on the 2 yard line of Indy, then Bettis fumbles. Nick Harper, who had his knee slashed open by a knife (wielded by his wife) a day earlier, picks up the fumble and breaks into the open field, on his way to an apparent game-reversing touchdown. Then, with just one man to beat, that being athletic but by no means swift Ben Roethlisberger, for some reason Harper cuts back towards the center of the field and allows the QB to tackle him with a one-armed swipe to the shins.
I think it's safe to say free agent Mike Vanderjagt won't be kicking for the Colts next season. Rich and I were on the phone laughing our arses off after Vanderjagt boomed it about 25 yards right and all the way into the stands. As Rich put it, that's pretty much the equivalent of yanking it into the Blue Monster at Doral.
I felt bad for Dungy, but then, in the post-game press conference, Peyton Manning hung his offensive line out to dry, saying something to the effect of, "I'm going to be a good teammate here and say the right thing, but we had some protection problems." Not a cool thing to say about the guys who have to protect your butt agains a couple of 250 to 350 pound behemoths coming in and putting you on your butt next year.
No one's ever going to feel sorry for Manning when he blames everyone but himself everytime he loses, again, in the playoffs. A huge talent with the maturity of a three year old.