Living in Oblivion

The rumor about Living in Oblivion has always been that the character Chad Palomino is based on Brad Pitt, who director Tom DiCillo had worked with on his first feature film Johnny Suede. In the director's commentary, though, DiCillo says that's just a myth and that in fact Brad Pitt was originally slated to play Palomino until a last minute scheduling conflict with Legends of the Fall. It doesn't help that James Legros looks a bit like Pitt, or that some of his mannerisms remind people of Pitt.

I wonder if DiCillo is being honest or just trying to avoid a lawsuit. DiCillo said LeGros based Palomino's mannerisms on those of a big Hollywood star he'd just worked with. Who that actually is remains one of the great Hollywood mysteries, like what Bill Murray whispered in Scarlett Johansson's ear.

Living in Oblivion: hilarious flick, and it will remind anyone who's ever been on a student film shoot of the madness on set.