Darn, Lance is going to skip Paris-Roubaix after all

I like this week's New Yorker cartoon of the week. My nephew Ryan is a Babar fan; I'll have to save this for him.

New York Magazine's Best of New York 2005

John Updike reviews Jonathan Safran Foer's second novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Updike would have preferred the novel slightly further away, and a bit quieter

Food porn

Agh, I'm so hungry

Waiter Rant

Meant to post this a while ago--I think I saw it it in a NYTimes article a while back--but it's still a fresh read

The movie rental version of "Who's on First?"

NASA's World Wind is a sweet app that allows you to browse photos on any place on earth via satellite photography

Sadly, it's only available for Windows users, but I demoed it on a friend's computer and it's cool, if a bit slow