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Spike Jonze's new ad "Hello Tomorrow" for Adidas
The featured product is the Adidas_1 running shoe, the world's first running shoe with a microchip inside to adjust the cushioning based on how much the shoe compresses at each step. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Adidas running shoes since they sat on my feet during my marathon run last year. The Adidas_1 sold out almost instantly when a limited number of pairs was offered online. I wonder if airport security will flip out when they run a pair of these through the X-ray machine, what with a microchip and motor in its sole.
In case you were wondering what happened to Darius Rucker, he's doing commercials for Burger King
Fantasy baseball contest winner to earn job with San Francisco Giants
FlickrFox, a Firefox sidebar that allows you to browse your Flickr photostream
Gary Kasparov, the chess grandmaster who recently retired, is sick of Vladimir Putin and can't take it anymore so he's running for president against Putin in 2008
We should have invited Korea to do the Superbowl halftime show this year
I'm too old to collect toys anymore, but these figurines are cool
Lord of the Rings the musical?!
If a VJ could scratch like a DJ, the result might look something like this
The West Wing gets will return for a seventh season
I'd be surprised if Jimmy Smits isn't elected president over Alan Alda
Yahoo previews a beta of its blogging service, Yahoo! 360