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Congrats Dave and Karen!
Whole Foods opens in Union Square this Wednesday, Mar. 16
Whoo-hoo! I've been waiting for the store to open ever since I moved to NYC. In another city, Whole Foods would count as a premium grocery store, but relative to other NYC stores, I think its prices will be reasonably unreasonable. Trader Joe's may invade Union Square this year as well, providing some downward pricing pressure. [news via Gothamist]
Bill Gurley blogifies his "Above the Crowd" newsletter/column
RSS feed for the column here. Always an interesting read, though Gurley's last post up until this week was from Fall 2004. The blog format should encourage more activity
The fantasy baseball league I play in, Mendoza Baseball, implemented an arbitration simulator this spring. Really cool. I don't think I've seen that in any other fantasy baseball simulation anywhere. I went to arbitration with some of my players today, and it was nervewracking waiting for the browser to refresh and display the arbitrator's decision when the player and I differed on salary judgments. Yes, I'm a total geek for caring about this, but some of you out there must play fantasy baseball, and if you're interested in trying to be a fantasy Billy Beane, check it out. The league has all sorts of interesting participants, from professors to students doing their PhDs on fantasy baseball
Kurt Eichenwald's Conspiracy of Fools hit bookstores this week. The book details the Enron scandal. I have a soft spot for white collar criminal non-fiction. Eichenwald's The Informant, about price-fixing at Archer Daniels-Midland, was excellent.
From The Onion: "According to a study released Monday by the Center for Media and Social Research, the reality-TV genre is unfairly biased against black people. The study revealed that reality is unfair to blacks, as well."
And from The Onion frontpage: "Could Hillary Clinton Have What It Takes To Defeat The Democrats In 2008?" and "Thick Sweater No Match For Determined Nipples"
Last Friday, Mike, Joannie, and I caught DJs A-Trak and Diplo at Sonotheque
Amazing stuff by DJ A-Trak, an honorary member of Invisibl Skratch Piklz and the first DJ ever to win all three major titles (DMC, ITF and Vestax) and the first DJ to win five world championships. He was Kanye West's personal DJ on tour last summer. A-Trak's first DVD and soundtrack Sunglasses is a Must comes out this summer on Audio Research Records