The year of poultry

Happy Chinese New Years to all. We now enter the year of the rooster ("year of the cock" jokes seem like they might be funny, but in actuality aren't), though the previous two lunar new years (nos 4700 and 4701) were very kind to poultry also. I was suffering from a head cold today, but not so badly that I wanted to risk the bad luck that might come from not having some Chinese noodles and fish in Chinatown.

What a madhouse. I wasn't even there for the parades and fireworks show, but I nearly lost my eye several times as young kids everywhere tossed those noisemaking poppers in all directions and drunken revelers pulled strings that launched confetti and streamers out of plastic containers. The streets of Chinatown were blanketed in confetti. Poor street cleaners.

I've always wondered why it is that anyone would believe that everyone born in a certain year or particular month (astrology) have the same personality. But if you do and are giving birth to a child this year, expect him or her to be aggressive, adventurous, and industrious. Famous roosters include Confucius and Britney Spears. Plus, everything will taste like your kid.

According to Chinese tradition, roosters are worst suited to rabbit year people. Famous rooster: Jennifer Aniston. Famous rabbit: Angelina Jolie. Wow, this stuff really works!