Fruits of my Pseudo A.D.D.

One of the most useful Firefox Extensions is SessionSaver

In the event of a crash, it restores your browser as it was

You really can die from heartbreak

Which is why it's unbelievable when you see octogenarian Cubs fans

Sofiane Sylve, considered the world's foremost Balanchine dancer

One of the NYC bright talents I need to see sometime

Linky is a Mozilla plug-in that allows you to open multiple links at once

Saw this in Boing Boing. It's a godsend for pages with lots of photo thumbnails

Video for "An Honest Mistake" by The Bravery

Touted as one of the hot bands to watch for 2005. Reminds me of alternative music I listened to in the late 80's (in a good way), back when alternative was more, well, alternative

The Penny Black Project from Microsoft Research

This particular anti-spam approach attacks spammers by consuming CPU cycles for each message sent. I've read many variants on this approach, including charging a tiny amount per message, and it always sounds reasonable and feasible. My spam filters keep my inbox manageable, but I'm all for new approaches

Graphic, brutal, pro-vegetarian video from PETA titled "Meet Your Meat," narrated by Alec Baldwin

I turned vegetarian for a half year once before, and this video has me feeling it again. If anything, it's at least a powerful argument against factory farms and for purchasing organic meat from more humane farms, if at all possible

Ever since installing Mac OS X Update 10.3.8, my PowerPC G5 fans have been turning on and off constantly

If they ran all the time, I'd probably forget about the noise, but the constant on and off is really distracting

A primer on how to cut various fruits and vegetables

Excellent--lots of wisdom I learned in my knife skills class is available here for free!

The Nike Dunk Pidgeon sneaker

When I saw this, I thought it was perhaps the most beautiful sneaker I had ever seen. No idea why.

Pseudo A.D.D., brought on by the Internet

I am almost certain I suffer from this

IKEA is freaking dangerous

Just a half year ago, at least 3 people were crushed to death at an IKEA store opening in Saudi Arabia. Competitors might also take this as a sign that the world really, really needs cheap furniture

I wanted to laugh at this guy, but he's having a lot of fun, and I do the same thing myself from time to time

I agree, this change to the NYTimes e-mail an article functionality stinks

You can no longer e-mail the body of an article. I used to e-mail bodies of NYTimes articles to my GMail acct for future reading, my GMail acct being like a meat locker for mobsters to stash bodies