On the road again

Farewell Emerald City, and on to San Francisco. It's always fun when you get a list of directions from Mapquest that includes a leg of 716 miles.
UPDATE: 12 hours and 848.7 miles later, I made it. Thanks to the biker gang and the red Volkswagen Beetle who provided me a 95mph escort through most of Northern California, shielding me from any culpability in speeding, and to the refurbished/repackaged st-generation iPod travel kit (cigarette lighter charger and cassette tape adapter) at the University Village Apple store. The song shuffle function on my iPod loved Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs. The most frequently sighted vehicles on the road were semis carrying goods for Wal-Mart (or perhaps they were transporting underpaid workers from who knows where to god knows where). 88 miles from San Francisco, I came across an exit for Road 8. Burger King currently offers an Angus steak burger. It is still impossible to find parking in San Francisco, but rent here is a magnitude of order cheaper than in NYC.