James introduced me to Revenge of the Ninja tonight. It is quite possibly the most unintentionally hilarious movie ever. I'm not sure what's more ridiculous: the movie, or the rave reviews for the movie on Amazon.com, written by ninja aficionados, including several who claim to be ninjas. In one scene, the hero is assaulted by a group of thugs hanging out at a local playground. What's ridiculous is that the thugs are dressed up as the Village People. Believe me; that only scrapes the surface of the hilarity contained in this 80's flick. James and I cackled like hyenas, and only a sliver of credit for that should belong to the bag of Kasugai gummies we polished off.
In the pantheon of movies that are so awful they're good, Revenge of the Ninja has to rank in the top ten.
Speaking of ridiculous, though, click on the "Making Of" link on the official French site for the Thai martial arts movie Ong Bak. The trailer contains a concluding shot that's nearly obscene, but the Making Of clips are even more ludicrous. Lead actor Phanom Yeerum is reminiscent of a Thai Jackie Chan what with his acrobatic, look-ma-no-wires stunt moves. The movie's available on DVD from a variety of sources including eBay. Make sure to get a copy with English subtitles, though only if that matters to you; the dialogue isn't exactly Shakespearean.