Eat to run, or run to eat

Marathon training continues, invigorated by an infusion of new routes thanks to Manhattan. I've jogged on the trail that runs along the east side of Manhattan (noisy and loud as it shoulders the FDR), along the west edge of Manhattan (lots of eye candy with the Hudson River to the west and the city skyline to the east), and of course Central Park (plenty of route permutations through its dense network of trails, and it contains the only soft surface I've found thus far in the 1.5 mile loop around Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir).
This marathon training is turning out to be useful, because without it I would've gained ten pounds in my one and a half weeks here. Manhattan is an embarrassment of riches for foodies. In just a few meals out, I've had insanely good sushi (Bond Street), delicious authentic Korean (Kang Suh), inspired American (Gotham Bar and Grill), cheap Chinese comfort food (Sammy's Noodle Shop), and satisfying wurst and corn fries (Mandler's Original Sausage Co.). I've run by at least a dozen other places I'm dying to try, and that's just to add to the list of twenty five or so places I've been told I must try. I could live here for the rest of my life and still be singing the same tune.
That pleases me.