Not in Kansas anymore

For just this transition week, I received the Ticketmaster weekly newsletter for both Seattle and NYC.
The highlights in the Seattle newsletter:
  • Queensryche (this was the headline of the newsletter)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (Raw)
  • Alice Cooper
  • Switchfoot
  • Ludacris Chingy Pitbull Juvenile
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Touchdown Time High School Football Invitational (Tacoma Dome)

The highlights in the NYC newsletter:
  • Sting (headline of the newsletter)
  • Wilco
  • The Pixies
  • Social Distortion
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • U.S. Open tennis
  • Norah Jones

Advantage: cultural capital of the world.
On the other hand, apartment hunting in NYC is brutal. It has introduced me to one of the more loathsome professions of the world, apartment brokering. Simply by showing you an apartment that you end up renting, brokers expect you to pay them 15% of your first year's rent. Up front. Some brokers have entire buildings locked up, and some of those are fine buildings, but just on principal, I'm going to resist paying a penny to a broker if I can help it.
You'd think a broker would be friendly, seeking your business. Thus far, the three brokers I've spoken to have been rude, curt, and impatient. One blew me off for appointments today, wasting my afternoon.
Thankfully I have family here to make me feel welcome. Without Jeff, Sharon and Alan, and James and Angela, I'd be your classic beaten down little kid in the big city.
The hunt continues all week. It's overwhelming, the number of listings on Craigslist, in the classifieds of the Times or Village Voice, in books like Gabriel's Apartment Rental Guide, or on any of dozens of NYC apartment rental websites. Anybody know of a NY 1-bedroom apartment coming free soon?