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Jessica Alba can't escape being cast as a comic book fantasy. She'll play Nancy in Sin City. Hellllloooo, Nancy. She'll also play Invisible Girl in the Fantastic Four movie. Why would anyone want Alba to be invisible? Can we make her new boyfriend Derek "Overrated" Jeter invisible?
How to fold a t-shirt in two moves (.mpg), as seen in Esquire. Gives me the goosebumps.
Movie Ministry (as seen in Time magazine) - need to tie your sermon in to a movie in theaters now?
Dusty Baker calls Sammy Sosa sensitive for refusing to be moved out of the 3 spot in the batting order despite being in a horrendous slump. The truth hurts; Sosa is a sensitive prima donna.
Quicktime trailer for Fight Club, the videogame. Looks like you can choose to play Bitch Tits. With x-ray cam cut shots a la Romeo Must Die.
Martin Scorsese Collection coming on DVD. Richard Linklater's Slacker gets the Criterion Collection treatment, as does Battle of Algiers. The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog also arrived on DVD, just this week. Sweet.
Use the popular vote, not the electoral college to elect our president - Amen.
Great little article by Louis Menand on Michael Moore and the history of the documentary. Where and when did we get this notion that documentaries were supposed to be completely unbiased?
Confessions of a Questec operator