The modern garage sale, run by Craig

My stress level spiked sharply yesterday when I realized I had just a few weeks left to vacate my place. I immediately rushed frantically around the house, photographing things with a digital camera. Then I built a Moving Sale web page, threw the first batch of stuff up, and posted it to Craigslist. I saw dozens of listings so I didn't hold out too much hope.
I received e-mails back within minutes of submitting my post, and within 12 hours a lot of it had sold. This Craigslist is pretty nifty.
Now I'm committed to spending a few more days photographing everything. The house will soon resemble just a giant product photo studio.
On the one hand, preparing for a move is stressful. The balancing flip-side is the zen peace of mind one achieves from detaching from one's material goods. My goal is to leave Seattle with as little as possible.