Danger prone digits

I've been meaning to write more, but through a odd string of mishaps caused mostly by carelessness, the fingers on my right hand have been in dire straits.
First was the torn tendon from basketball, caused by bitter-balding-old-guy. Then my car phone charger disintegrated, and when I reached into the cigarette lighter, a loose spring completed a circuit and gave me a painful electric burn on my index finger. The skin from that accident is still falling away.
Yesterday, closing the garage, my index-middle-ring finger trio got crushed between two panels as the door closed, and now they're swollen, bruised, and throbbing.
So typing is slow, painful, and inaccurate. If this were a Monty Python movie, my lone unharmed digit, the precious opposable thumb, would now be hacked off by a stray gunshot or frisbeeing saw blade.