Cycling on OLN

One of the great side effects of Lance Armstrong's domination of the Tour de France has been the surge in television coverage of cycling in the U.S. Almost all of that has been on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).
This year has been the best yet. In addition to covering all three major tours (Giro, TDF, and Vuelta), OLN is broadcasting highlights of nearly all the spring classics. I love the Classics! OLN also offers The Lance Chronicles (a behind-the-scenes look at Lance's prep for #6) and The Road to the Tour (a weekly update on Lance and his main rivals).

The first episode of The Lance Chronicles was geek heaven. After last year's close shave, Lance and co. are taking his equipment obsession to new heights in search of every possible edge. Lance put his new Trek time trial bike through its paces in Seattle this year, at the Kirsten Wind Tunnel. This year he's trying out a new, more aerodynamic time trial position which has him stretched out more. Apparently it's working as he's already won several time trials this season.
He also tested a new UCI-complaint helmet from Giro (rules this year require even time trial helmets to be safety aids rather than just the aerodynamic shells they were in years past) and new Swift Skin time trial suits from Nike. Last but not least, in search of every little edge, Lance is having his number painted or sewn directly into his time trial suit instead of pinned on his back where it can flutter and catch the wind. Every little aerodynamic impediment counts!
Next episode: introducing Sheryl Crow, Lance's new chamois expert.
I hope that after Lance retires, OLN doesn't cut back its race coverage.