I watched Something's Gotta Give over the weekend. Not the most profound of movies, but it's nearly always a pleasure to watch Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton work, and the movie has its charms as a broad comedy.
Is it possible that Jack is underrated? When I watch his early work, such as Five Easy Pieces, I think it may be so. If I were to make a list of five people I'd like to spend a weekend hanging out with, Jack would have to be on the list.
I was about to return the movie to Netflix when I decided on a whim to glance at the Special Features menu. Turns out Jack did a commentary for the movie. I brought it up to my computer and turned that commentary on to listen to in the background while I wrote, and two hours later I'd watched the entire movie over again. Jack's commentary is really good. I don't often have the patience to listen to commentaries all the way through, but this was worth it, not just to hear Jack talk about the rocket in his pocket after Amanda Peet jumps off of him in one scene clothed in merely a bra and panties, but also to hear his commentary on comedic acting. He's an astute student of acting and film, and his self-assurance, generosity, and sense of humor shine through. It's clear why he's the most popular actor in Hollywood.